Sine Te, Ego

Sine Te, Ego

Another language can create such a small, powerful phrase

11 Letters turns into 9 

Less is more !

However I thought me writing it in another language 

would give it another impact

Another feeling

Feeling like I don’t need you

maybe I am better off alone

Thinking how I don’t need to make the move because SINE TE, EGO


But as I say that I realize its just like the english vernacular

It means nothing to no one else that doesn’t know 

Which is why I am in this predicament now

I haven’t even said it to you in English.

Here I am once again running away from my problems.

I need to face it.

Sine te, ego….

Without you, I….

Like the words for what I want to say next,

……I am lost. 


You are more inconsistent than the……thoughts………thi………i like sea creatures.