If I wanted one superpower in the world it would be because of you

I wish i could read minds. 

you say one thing then say and do another.

I feel like im running an ongoing race through quicksand

I run, I fall, I get up and try to keep going but can’t.

Where do we find the common ground?

Im confused, Headbound. Sprung

I want to think I know whats the deal but the truth is I have no clue

I want to read minds so that at least I can be sure this isnt all for nothing

Matter of fact.


I change my mind

If I could have one superpower I would want the superpower of tolerance

You make me want to tolerate. 

 by some strange force i am pulled back

Im tired but I am wide awake.

I can see with my eyes wide shut.

I just don’t know if this a decision I want to make….

If you get pulled over by a cop and you have weed put that shit in an envelope with a stamp, it’s illegal to go through mail.



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Love. first con artist
known to fool people for years
yet we still love Love


Grip tight…….

Nah scratch that Hold Tight. 

Tighter than a mother letting go her child after 18 years of raising him right

Tighter than two best friends from crib days

Tighter than a wick to a flame

Tighter than a prayer for serenity

Tighter than an unbound relationship

Tighter than the bond between paper and glue

See, I know i have you, but I dont have all of you.

Im not stupid I can see

But its okay, we live our lives, im not waiting for you but im holding on tight

I Grip to hope and the realization our situation is 50/50, stacked up ready for the ride. 


To be Continued