I think

I am in love

Free Prose Inspired by Detail

Its harder to read you than a French native learning a fresh english tongue. Coming from a language of romance to a tongue of ignorance and ambiguity is not an easy feat to proper.

 Mixed signals doesn’t describe what you send me but i feel its part of your own self preservation.

I can’t blame you, I have set it up this way because I fear the same.

But when I look at you I realize you never look at me. You never look me in the eyes, its always a past glance or a joking side peek.

But this is because once we have that look, that gaze….we will both know if this is all or nothing.

You are holding on to that, its the only thing you have left.

When I am with you I feel you. I smell you. I feel you, your want, your desire

Behind our eyes lies the truth and once they truly lock there is no going back.

So I patiently wait.

Make excuses for why we aren’t.

I can’t truly say it is love without me sounding crazy, 

But that day that our eyes meet, we shall fuse two bronzed pools of amazement into one essence indescribable by words alone.

We shall be.